This HIIT Routine Transforms your Arms & Abs

Expand your knowledge with this routine. Five moves to strengthen your body for the fitness journey ahead.
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This HIIT workout is made to transform your arms and abs.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is one of the most popular and effective training methods. Not only does it burn fat; it also challenges your muscles. High-intensity exercise phases (40 seconds) alternate with recovery phases (20 seconds). You can rest for up to 90 seconds after each round. Repeat the circuit 4-5 times.

If the Close Grip Push-Ups are too easy for you, you can do Diamond Push-Ups instead. Always make sure that your exercise is clean and controlled and keep your body under tension.

Warm up well before you start training! Have fun with our workout.

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This HIIT Routine Transforms your Arms & Abs
1. Basic Burpees
40 sec.
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This foodspring video shows you how to do basic burpees correctly. Burpees are a full-body exercise and are one of the most challenging bodyweight exercises. The basic burpee is a squat transitioning into a jump. There is no plank position at the bottom of the burpee. Clap your hands when you jump up, either over your head or behind it.
2. Sit-Ups
40 sec.
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This foodspring video shows you how to do sit-ups correctly. The classic exercise for your abs! Lie on your back with your knees bent and in the air. Rest your fingers on your temples. Now use the power of your core muscles to pull your upper body upwards. Don't swing yourself upwards with momentum, and don't move your arms or head along with your abs.
3. Deadlifts
40 sec.
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This foodspring video shows you how to do deadlifts correctly. Deadlifts, like squats, are a classic move from strength training. Even without weights, you can train your legs, calves, glutes and back. Stand upright. Put your fingertips on your temples. Keep your back straight, move your rear end towards the back, and bend your upper body forward. Bend your knees slightly. Now return to a standing position.
4. Close Grip Push Ups
40 sec.
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This foodspring video shows you how to do close grip push ups correctly. Unlike classic push-ups, your hands are closer together and your elbows are tucked close to your sides. This gives an extra challenge to your triceps and your pecs. Make sure you keep your whole body tight.
5. Jumping “Rope”
40 sec.
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This foodspring video shows you how to jump "rope" correctly. Jumping rope without the actual jumprope! It's a full-body workout for your muscles, your cardiovascular system and your endurance too. Keep your upper body upright and your arms drawn in close to your body. Use your hands to spin your imaginary "rope" and take a small jump every time it "lands" on the floor. Keep your knees slightly bent.
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