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Summer classics! Vegan summer salads you can’t miss

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It’s the season for delectable vegan summer salads! Whether you like it savory or fruity-sweet, let us show you the best recipes for warm summer days. Get inspired and let your imagination run wild!

Mouthwatering Vegan Summer Salads

  1. Colorful Couscous Salad
  2. Glass Noodle Salad with Tofu
  3. Quick Chickpea Salad
  4. Pasta Salad with Asparagus and Pesto
  5. Quick Italian Pasta Salad
  6. Asian Cauliflower Salad with Fennel
  7. Fruit Salad

Salad Recipes for Hot Summer Days

Anyone can toss together a couple of lettuce leaves and tomatoes. We’re about to show you a whole different world of creative, delicious, and inspiring salads that will balance out any summer grill table! Best of all: they’re all vegan. Find the one that suits your taste, your mood, and your diet, and bring it along to your next outdoor picnic or grill get-together.

Colorful Couscous Salad

A bowl of couscous salad garnished with round cherry tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, and coriander leaves

This is the easiest salad to make ahead and bring along. Couscous salad is the perfect companion for any barbecue, birthday party, or picnic. Not only because it’s so quick to make, but also because you can make it in so many variations. We’ve chosen a middle eastern flavor here, spiced up with cinnamon and our Goji Berries. Yum!

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Glass Noodle Salad with Smoked Tofu

A photo from above of glass noodle salad with tofu, garnished with bright red accents, and with a spoon next to the plate

Glass noodles are your best friend on days when you’re pressed for time! They’re ready in a flash and complement such a wide range of flavors, because they don’t have much of their own. Here’s a refreshing vegan rice noodle salad that tastes perfect on hot summer days.

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Quick Chickpea Salad

A white plate holds a chickpea salad with bright accents of tomatoes, red onions, cucumber cubes, and coriander leaves

Are you looking for quick vegan salads? Don’t feel like endless dicing of vegetables? And, what’s that, it should also fill you up? This chickpea salad is finished in a flash, lends itself well to preparing big servings, and is still crispy and fresh the day after it’s made. Say no more!

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Pasta Salad with Asparagus and Pesto

A gray bowl holds pasta salad with asparagus and pesto, garnished by dried and fresh tomatoes.

This pasta salad is also perfect to take along with you. All you need is some pasta, asparagus, garlic, some herbs, tomatoes, and a few leaves of arugula, and presto! You can make it!

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Quick Italian Pasta Salad

A view from above of a light-gray plate of quick Italian pasta salad topped with basil leaves, tomatoes and white mozzarella balls.

Okay, so this recipe isn’t technically vegan. But honestly, all you need to do is leave out the mozzarella. Or substitute a vegan feta alternative. Or crumble up some tofu. Or… You see? It’s just too easy not to try it.

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Asian Cauliflower Salad with Fennel

Another veg-filled salad with a fresh and different flavor. You can always try taking it to the next level by grilling your cauliflower instead of oven-roasting it!

A gray bowl of Asian cauliflower salad with decorations of red cabbage, thin-sliced red chili, and fresh green pops of scallions and coriander leaves
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Fruit Salad

What would an article on vegan summer salads be without a sweet one to finish the meal? Our spin on fruit salad includes a tangy passionfruit dressing to keep things fresh.

A black bowl holds bright, refreshing fruit salad with a spoon stuck into it

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