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6 spring recipes to bring color to your table

Matcha Protein Pancakes
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The temperatures are starting to rise. The days are getting longer. So unzip your parka and get cooking! Just in time for the start of spring, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite spring recipes that will bring a happy, colorful mood to your kitchen and your body. Get inspired! Bring some spring into your step and onto your plate!

6 Spring Recipes

    1. Vegan Low Carb Protein Pizza
    2. Cloud Bread
    3. Carrot Orange Drink
    4. Stuffed Zucchini
    5. Strawberry Protein Ice Cream
    6. Protein Matcha Latte

Vegan Low Carb Protein Pizza

Protein Pizza

This pizza is calling out for everything good about spring. Top it with bright, crispy vegetables. Use a dough made of protein-packed chickpeas. Our vegan protein pizza dough is a taste sensation. Low in carbs, high in protein. Dive right in.

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Cloud Bread

Photo of six small, fluffy pieces of cloud bread on a wooden cutting board.

As light as a spring cloud. Make yourself a batch of Cloud Bread as a burger bun, to top with fresh vegetables, or to slather with homemade hummus. No need for greasy chips if you’re taking it easy on the couch in the evening. A piece of our bread will keep you feeling light and airy!

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Carrot Orange Drink for Health

a photo of two glasses of carrot orange drink sitting side by side

A blast of vitamin brightness will get your day off on the right foot! This easy, healthy, fresh-squeezed sip is sure to tempt even the grumpiest night owl out of bed.

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Stuffed Zucchini

Gefüllte Zucchini

Spring is coming, and so are new body goals for the warmer weather. This low-carb recipe is a perfect fit for any weight loss meal plan.

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Strawberry Protein Ice Cream

A scoop of Protein Low Carb strawberry ice cream with a halved strawberry framing the scoop on each side

Spring means something else special. With the start of spring comes ice cream season. The first warm sunbeams don’t only refill our stores of vitamin D, but also our big mood for ice cream. Make it at home so you can take charge of all the ingredients. All you need is some strawberries – another bounty of the spring – and a freezer.

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Matcha Pancakes

A stack of green Matcha Pancakes with a banana and a canister of Banana Flavor Kick in the background

Green is the color of spring, just like Kermit said. If you haven’t had much experience with matcha, this recipe will bowl you over.

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