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Recover from New Year’s Eve with these 7 Tips

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Whether you’re having a New Year’s dinner over Zoom or keeping it simple with your own company, these 7 tips will keep you in tip-top shape for the short night ahead. Recover from New Year’s Eve and get ready to ring in 2021.

Chug water 

Drink glasses of water throughout the evening. With all the excitement of kissing 2020 goodbye and good riddance, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. Stay hydrated by keeping a glass of water by your side. That way you’ll always have it handy and you’ll remember to drink regularly. Maybe you can even top it up more often than your drink?

Chamomile tea

If your digestion is the first casualty of 2021, brew yourself a large cup of chamomile tea. Chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect and it settles your gastrointestinal tract. The tea’s warmth can also have a positive effect against cramps.

Cucumbers, celery, and peaches

These foods are chock full of water. If you didn’t manage to drink enough water the night before, you might wake up with a headache. Eat a few slices of cucumber or a peach for breakfast. Not only do they taste delicious, but they also help get you the fluids you need.

Alkaline Foods

After a long night packed with unhealthy food, your acid-base balance may be out of whack the next day. Your body can neutralize excess acid with its stores of basic substances. Alkaline foods can help support this process.

Get fishy

How about a savory piece of fish for breakfast? If your electrolyte balance is off-kilter after an evening of partying, try the German remedy of pickled or marinated fish. Opt for fatty fish like herring for a helping of protein and omega-3s. By the way: The recommended intake of omega-3s is 0.5% of your total daily calorie consumption.

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The caffeine boost

Caffeine helps wake you up, so it’s what most tired minds long for in the morning. And it’s not just coffee, but also various types of tea, that’ll provide you with a caffeine boost. It causes a brief increase in blood pressure, but has no lasting, stimulating effect. However, if you have to get back up and focus the morning after your virtual New Year’s Eve party, a cup of coffee or tea will help.

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Ice-cold spoons

Sure, it sounds a little strange, but it’s the best trick no one knows about: Put two teaspoons in the freezer in the evening. Refresh your tired, swollen eyes the next morning. Fish the spoons out of the freezer, wrap a bit of kitchen roll or dish towel around each, and put one spoon over each eye. It’ll cool your skin and wake you up. Be careful: the spoons are freezing cold, so they shouldn’t touch your skin directly!

Our summary

  • Drink enough water, and drink it regularly
  • Chamomile tea soothes an upset stomach in the morning
  • Eat fatty fish to get your omega-3s
  • Caffeine kick starts your day
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