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Recipes for More Energy: 6 delicious boosts you can count on

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One helping of power to go, please! The weather’s getting warmer again. It’s the perfect time to get moving again, and that means our bodies will need some recipes for more energy. And the proper nutritional balance can make or break the best-laid plans. To put it metaphorically, you can’t run a motor with the wrong fuel in it. Here are some ideas to fill your body with all the essential nutrients to help you spring forward!

Recipes for More Energy

  1. Pizza Bianca
  2. Protein Pasta with Chickpeas
  3. Berry Smoothie Bowl
  4. High Protein Beet Burger
  5. Stuffed Sweet Potato
  6. Chia Coconut and Mango Drink

Protein Pizza Bianca

A pizza bianca rests on a sheet of white paper. The pizza is topped with thinly sliced zucchini, rings of red onion, and fresh basil leaves. There is a canister of foodspring Protein Pizza mix next to it.

Who’s ever heard of pizza being healthy? Hello, we have! Our Protein Pizza baking mix makes it easy to whip up a perfectly airy dough in just a few steps. And for a change, we’ve topped it with cream cheese instead of tomato sauce. You just have to taste it for yourself.

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One Pot Protein Pasta

a bowl of protein pasta with chickpeas as seen from above

This one-pot pasta recipe is a snap to make and loads you up with a super helping of protein, thanks to the chickpeas that meld so well with the flavor. Perfect fuel for any activity you can dream of.

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Berry Smoothie Bowl

Berry Smoothie Bowl

Give yourself the kick-start you need in the morning! Topped with a handful of Goji Berries, these bright flavors, lively colors, and the pop of textures will get your mood and energy soaring. The perfect reason to jump out of bed.

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High Protein Beet Burgers

a beet burger overflows from a bun, drizzled with a turmeric-yellow sauce

These bright vegan delights will bring joy and color to anyone’s plate. They’re pumped up with a portion of our Protein Flakes for that special something. Who said you needed meat to get your protein fix?

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Stuffed Sweet Potato

a stuffed baked sweet potato filled with kidney beans and guacamole

One look at the bright orange of your baked sweet potato, and you’ll be leaping out of your chair for joy. Not to mention all the vitamins it has! This stuffed sweet potato is so easy to turn vegan, too – just leave out the sour cream on top. Bon appetit!

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Chia Coconut and Mango Drink

chia coconut and mango drink

Looking for some refreshment? Look no further. This ultimate warm-weather drink provides energy from chia seeds and hydration thanks to the coconut water in it! Feel free to mix it up with any other seasonal fruit, or add that extra protein by swapping the coconut water for a dash of CocoWhey.

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