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Protein Pancakes – Breakfast for body, mind, and soul

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Protein pancakes that taste like an omelet? Or crumble into dust from all the whey protein powder? Those worries are a thing of the past! We’ve come up with a delicious alternative that fits right into your nutrition plan.

Treat Yourself More Often

A healthy breakfast is the perfect way to start your day. What you eat in the morning makes a big difference in how you feel throughout the day. Choose your breakfast well to avoid cravings during the day and supply your muscles with protein first thing in the morning.

Porridge, muesli, or a savory breakfast with eggs are your best everyday options. But on a lazy Sunday morning, you want something a bit special. After all, food is about more than just micros and macros. Cook to satisfy all your senses and you’ll stay healthy over the long term.

And that’s exactly why it’s so important to treat yourself to what you’re really craving sometimes. And what could be better than a stack of protein pancakes with maple syrup on the weekend? Can’t think of anything? We can! Our easy Protein Pancakes are just as delicious AND good for working on your fitness.

Long shopping lists, sad flops, and eternal whisking are a thing of the past. With our mix, all you need is water, your shaker, some coconut oil, and a pan. Fresh, fluffy, ready. Try it out for yourself and you’ll see.

Try out our easy Protein Pancakes

Hard Facts About Protein Pancakes

Sure, you can make the classic version with refined white flour, sugar, etc. But you don’t have to. Our Protein Pancake mix tastes just as good as the pancakes you had when you were a kid. With a few key differences in the ingredients.

# Low Sugar & High Protein

foodspring Protein Pancakes provide you with 6 times more protein and much less sugar than conventional mixes. Specifically, 4 average sized pancakes have a whopping 48 grams of protein, but only 1.5 grams of sugar per serving. Tastes indulgent, but it isn’t.

# Protein from happy cows

Forget that eggy flavor. We listened to your feedback and rebalanced our ingredients: premium whey protein from 100% New Zealand pasture-raised milk meets just enough egg protein from European free-range eggs.

# Kiss gluten goodbye: oats instead of wheat

We heard you loud and clear! From now on we’re using oats instead of wheat to make protein pancake options that are gluten-free.

# No added flavors – Have them your way

Natural tastes best. That’s why our recipe has no artificial flavors, leaving you with more room to get creative. Go for exotic and savory kimchi, classic choco-hazelnut, or fancy green matcha pancakes!

# Ready in 5 minutes

Fluffy, fresh, ready. Don’t spend hours in the kitchen while everyone else is happily munching on brunch. Just blend the mix with a little water in a shaker, heat coconut oil in a frying pan, and fry both sides until they’re golden brown.

Your Next Protein Pancake Recipe

Thanks to their perfectly balanced combination of gluten-free oat flour, high-quality protein, and leavening agents, you don’t need to buy anything else for your pancakes. Nothing can get between you and a spontaneous brunch! Want to have a few toppings besides maple syrup or peanut butter on hand? Here are our three favorite basic protein pancake recipes!

Gingerbread Swirl Pancakes Recipe

This is one of our favorite wintertime protein pancake breakfast recipes. Make your pancakes with our seasonal gingerbread Protein Cream and enjoy a cozy breakfast when it’s chilly outside.

Gingerbread Swirl Protein Pancakes on a speckled plate with two sprigs of redcurrants
Click here for the recipe

Protein Banana Pancakes Recipe

Banana Protein Pancakes sound like the key to your perfect brunch? A pancake recipe with banana, cinnamon, and some maple syrup is all you need. If you think a little nougaty touch would make it perfect, our Hazelnut Protein Cream is your partner in crime.

Two protein banana pancakes on a white plate sprinkled with banana slices and goji berries and drizzled artistically with dots of maple syrup.
get the recipe

Savory Kimchi Protein Pancakes Recipe

Who says that pancakes always have to be sweet? Since our mix is free of added flavors, kimchi and a spring onion are the perfect additional ingredients if you’re in the mood for a savory meal. See for yourself.

Kimchi Pancakes on a white plate with a small bowl of dipping sauce, a pair of dark chopsticks, and a package of foodspring's Protein Pancakes on the side

see the recipe

Haven’t found your favorite yet? No problem, there’s always more inspiration! Make protein pancakes with avocado and salmon? Homemade chia marmalade? As a fancy breakfast burger with bacon? Or sweet with lemon and poppy seeds?

Check out our full recipe collection here

5 Tips to make your protein pancakes even better

Like we said – our mix makes protein pancakes a breeze. They get even better when you cook them right and vary the toppings. These are our tips for the perfect pancakes:

#1 Get the pan hot

Really hot. Set the pan on the highest setting until the fat is melted. Reduce the chance your pancake will stick by spreading the fat evenly over the bottom of the pan, turning the heat down a bit, and waiting 1-2 minutes before you cook the first pancake.

#2 Use coconut oil

Unlike many other oils, organic Coconut Oil is the perfect frying oil because it can be heated up to 200 degrees. Its slightly nutty flavor also means it goes perfectly with both sweet and savory protein pancakes in terms of taste.

#3 Make your own toppings

This is especially true for jam. Protein pancakes with jam are delicious, but store-bought jams are often full of sugar and preservatives. Why not cook your own jam with fresh or frozen fruit and White Chia Seeds? Click here for the recipe.

#4 Choose toppings that are delicious and healthy

Don’t feel like making your own? No worries! Just choose pre-made toppings that are just as nutritious as your protein pancakes. Protein Cream, organic Peanut Butter, or some fresh fruit are all great options.

#5 Add some extra love

Presentation is key. Top your best protein pancake recipes with Nuts and Berries, fresh fruit, Coconut Chips, chia seeds, or a mix of other seeds. They add extra texture, a visual element, and a serving of micronutrients as well!


  • Food is for all your senses: a stack of protein pancakes makes you happy!
  • Less sugar, 6 x more protein, and oatmeal instead of tons of gluten means they taste indulgent, but they aren’t.
  • No added flavors means you can make Protein Pancakes the way you like
  • Ready in 5 minutes, with no extra shopping!
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