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3 Pre-Workout Supplements to Improve Endurance and Increase Muscle Mass

Do you come to training with the idea of giving it your all, but lack the energy to keep up the intensity all the way to the end? Maybe it’s a good time to start taking a pre-workout supplement. Pre-workout supplements can help you take your performance to a new level, as they are designed to provide the energy and nutrients you need to maximize your results, as indicated by numerous scientific studies.

This same study, published in 2014, also shows that pre-workout supplements improve physical performance by allowing greater concentration and alertness during training, which translates into less fatigue and more intense training.

The Best Time to Take a Pre-Workout

Krissy Kendall, an expert with a PhD in Sports Science from Edith Cowan University in Australia, recommends taking your pre-workout about 30 minutes before you start exercising. So take yours before you hit the gym, and by the time you’ve changed and finished your warm-up you’ll be at your best.

Our Top 3 Picks

Not all pre-workout supplements are the same and what works best for you doesn’t have to match what your training partner needs, so take the time to find the right pre-workout supplement for you. And also remember to make sure that your supplements are of the highest quality and the best ingredients. However, we have selected 3 of the best pre-workout supplements that you can put to the test.

Energy Aminos

A good way to prepare for high-intensity training is to nourish your body with amino acids. There are several scientific studies, such as this study published in 2010, that show us that consuming a supplement with caffeine and amino acids has a positive effect on our aerobic and anaerobic performance. This means that your workouts will be improved regardless of the type of exercise you like to practice.

An additional intake of amino acids before training positively intervenes in energy metabolism providing greater strength, stimulating blood circulation in the muscles and preventing fatigue, as indicated by a study published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2006. All of this is essential in making sure that you have more vigor and increase your endurance, making it possible for you to achieve that breakthrough that you’ve been looking for so long in your workouts.

In addition to a perfect blend of caffeine, piperine, BCAA’s, Vitamin C, B3 and B12, L-Citrulline, L-arginine and Beta Alanine, our Energy Aminos  have a delicious taste that will make you look forward to your pre-workout supplement every day.

Cocoa Flavanols

Perhaps one of the least known—but no less effective—supplements, Cocoa Flavanols, are natural compounds that are subtracted from the beans of the cocoa fruit. According to a major study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition , Cocoa Flavanols “promote blood flow, maintain blood vessel elasticity and transport oxygen, nutrients and other essential substances to organs, cells and tissues.”

But not only that, there is also another 2014 study, which claims that Cocoa Flavanols can also improve sports performance and aid muscle recovery.

Science seems to continue to inform us of the wonderful effects of consuming Cocoa Flavanols and, thus, another study conducted by scientists from hospitals in Maastricht and Düsseldorf, conducted a test with several triathletes and cyclists whose results showed that those who had consumed cocoa flavanols had seen an increase in their blood vessels of between 6.3% and 8%. This increase allowed their veins to transport a greater number of nutrients.

Cocoa flavanols combine all these benefits in small capsules, so you can carry them on hand and take them as a pre-workout supplement.

Energy Bars

You’re on that last rep of the set and suddenly it feels like you’ve got 10 more kilos on the bar? The final sprint of your 5km and you feel like you’re finishing a marathon? Then treat yourself to an energy bar before your next workout. It will give you that last boost of energy necessary to achieve your most ambitious goals.

Energy bars contain carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. All the nutrients your body needs in a small portion that fits in your pocket. In addition, energy bars also contain natural caffeine, extracted from the guarana plant, to keep you alert and active during your workout. They also have the advantage that, compared to the coffee bean, the guarana berry contains three times as much caffeine and is also released gradually. This allows it to be active in our bodies for up to 6 hours.

Several studies have shown that energy bars with a caffeine content, consumed before or after exercise, can combat fatigue, improve focus and positively impact cognitive abilities when exercising.

Pre-Workout Supplements to Get the Most out of Your Workout

Add a pre-workout supplement to your list if you want to squeeze the most out of each of your workouts and get your best results.

With exclusive formulas and potent blends of the best ingredients, proven by science, our Energy Aminos, Cocoa Flavanols  and Energy Bars, are ready to boost your performance and get the most out of your workouts. Are you ready to take your endurance to the highest possible level?

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