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50 Positive Affirmations for Every Day

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They fill books, flood social media, land on posters everywhere – affirmations have become ubiquitous in our lives as we’ve become increasingly aware of the importance of mental health. But what does the term actually mean? Affirmatiō in Latin translates as assurance or affirmation and is all about adopting an attitude of approval. Expressed as beliefs in the first person, they describe what you think about yourself and your life.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You are what you think.” And you know how important your mindset is to your well-being and success. Our thoughts shape not only our attitude, but also our behavior. A 2016 study in the British Journal of Health Psychology found that participants who used affirmations had happier, more optimistic, and hopeful attitudes while experiencing less anger and sadness. So affirmations can be a really powerful tool for minimizing negative thoughts.

Is your mind still flooded with negative thoughts from time to time? “I can’t do this”, “I’m not ready for this”, “I’m to blame.” This spiral of thoughts can happen to any of us, subconsciously influencing and limiting us in our actions, dreams, and goals.

But replacing negative affirmations with positive ones doesn’t mean telling yourself things you don’t believe or flat out lying to yourself. For you to benefit from these beliefs, they need to be relevant for you and tailored to your life and goals. For Harvard social psychologist Amy Cuddy, the goal of using these affirmations is presence. When you’re present, you’re able to be your most authentic self and act based on your values. What values best describe you? Why are they important to you? How do they influence your everyday life? In order for you to successfully integrate affirmations into your life, it’s important to think about whether they really match what you believe in.

We’ve put together the following list of positive affirmations to inspire you. Grab a cold drink or a tasty snack and scroll through our top 50 picks. Maybe you’ll find a saying or two that aligns with your ideals, and you can incorporate it into your daily routine.

#1 I am enough.

#2 I accept my limits

#3 I am kind to myself.

#4 I deserve to be happy.

#5 I am perfect.

#6 I can achieve my goals.

#7 I believe in myself.

#8 I trust myself.

#9 I am allowed to say no.

#10 I am allowed to say yes.

#11 I let go of negative things.

#12 I am allowed to make mistakes.

#13 I deserve to be loved.

#14 I give myself permission to do the right thing for me.

#15 I listen to my intuition.

#16 I am always on the right path.

#17 I am grateful to have people in my life who value me.

#18 I learn from myself every day.

#19 I have top priority.

#20 I don’t need anyone to make me feel loved.

#21 I don’t judge myself.

#22 I am strong and confident.

#23 I am in balance.

#24 My body is my best friend.

#25 I deserve to be healthy.

#26 I trust my body’s signals.

#27 I take time to take care of my body.

#28 I decide what a healthy body looks like.

#29 My mental and physical health is a priority.

#30 My fitness level does not define me.

#31 I prioritize rest and recovery.

#32 I challenge myself.

#33 I celebrate the little victories.

#34 I am brave enough to face my fears.

#35 Obstacles are opportunities for growth.

#36 I can do this.

#37 I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

#38 I am getting closer to my dream job with every step I take.

#39 I am successful in everything I do.

#40 Today I am doing my best.

#41 I am grateful for my job.

#42 My job does not define who I am.

#43 I am in charge of my own success.

#44 I rise above limitations every day.

#45 I am creative.

#46 I am financially independent.

#47 I am surrounded by positive people.

#48 I share my joy.

#49 I am pure energy.

#50 Today will be a good day.

No matter if they’re about health, career, relationships, or self-esteem: affirmations are endless. Remember, saying them out loud as part of your daily routine can feel weird, but should never feel wrong.

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