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Using a healthy lifestyle to get her feel-good body: Interview with Nathalie

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No more lazy days! After she graduated, Nathalie knew she needed a change in her life. Her top goal? Finally feeling happy and comfortable in her skin. In our interview, she’ll tell you about her path to a healthy lifestyle.

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I worked on developing myself

In the past, my goals were mainly focused on my body. I wanted to eat better and be more aware of how I treated my body. Over time, though, I’ve come to understand that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t start in the kitchen or on my plate. My mindset plays a key role! Nowadays I know that I can set my goals based on a healthy lifestyle on all levels.

Setting a long-term goal

Lots of exercise, a balanced diet and a positive mindset. For me, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t include any restrictions. That means it works just as well in my everyday life as when I’m on vacation. It’s important for me to keep everything in balance. So if I want to treat myself to something, I’ll do it.

Working out regularly isn’t a challenge

I’ve always been an active person. Basketball has been a part of my life since I was a child. Moving my body and exercising regularly wasn’t ever a challenge for me.

For me, the key to working out consistently is to make it fun. My tip is to find a sport that really suits you.

Feeling healthy and in shape all around

My goal was to eat a healthy and balanced diet and to be more aware of my body. I wanted to understand it better. So I was looking for a full-spectrum approach to health and fitness. I wanted to feel happy and comfortable in my skin for the long term.

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A healthy lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint

In the past, I hadn’t been aware of my body’s needs. When I started to turn things around, I realized that I’d been restricting myself too much and not eating enough. At the beginning, I found a lot of information and inspiration externally. foodspring’s Body Check was a beacon in the maze of information out there. I used the personalized results, recommendations, and tips as a jumping-off point. Instagram and other social media were a great source of ideas to start cooking creative and healthy food. I’ve also learned how important it is to eat a varied diet. Since I started adding more vegetables to every meal, I’ve been eating larger portions without feeling guilty or that I’m forbidding myself from eating anything. I realized how important it is to take a long-term approach. Now I live a lifestyle that I love – no diet necessary. 

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a savory crepe with an egg in the middle on a dark gray plate

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Balance is the key

I would define a healthy lifestyle as being happy. And for me that includes a varied and conscious diet as well as intensive training. But I also treat myself now and then. A glass of wine and a piece of chocolate are just as important to me as a protein shake after my workout. Still, my goals aren’t set based on appearance. For me, it’s healthiest when I don’t cut anything out completely.

I’ve developed a healthy routine

My daily routine begins between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. I usually start the day by walking my dog. Kicking off the day with some movement just gives me the best feeling. Then I head to work. Right now, I’m working as a store manager in our family-run pastry shop. After work I head to the gym. And most of the time, I cook myself something fresh in the evening. At the end of the day I’ll go for a long walk and then relax with my favorite series on the couch.

My diet and exercise plan fit in with my daily routine

I try to be active throughout the week. Depending on how I feel, I work out five or six times a week. I love mixing things up when I work out. If I want to give my all in my workout, I’ll opt for a quick and intense HIIT workout.

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a plate of zoodles or courgetti with lentil bolgnese can be a perfect part of a healthy lifestyle

Most of all, I try to eat a wholesome, fresh diet. If I don’t have much time and I still want to do something good for my body, I’ll also use functional foods. foodspring’s Whey Protein, for example, is a great way to upgrade my morning oatmeal or my smoothies. It makes my breakfast super creamy. My favorite flavors are chocolate-peanut butter and vanilla. The best part? The mixes give me an extra portion of protein. That’s especially important to me because I exercise regularly.

I want to keep improving

Nowadays, I feel really good about my lifestyle. But I also know that leading a healthy lifestyle will always be a process, not a fixed point. And I love that! I love to improve and learn more about myself, my body and its needs.

My tip to the foodspring community:

“Don’t worry about what other people think. Pay attention to yourself and only yourself.”

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