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Last-minute tips to get your summer body

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It’s the same old story every year: with summer just around the corner, self-doubt sets in and you start worrying whether your body is really ready for bikini season. You embark on a crash diet and throw extra bouts of exercise into the mix. But what might seem like a quick and easy solution turns out to be simply a slog that lasts the summer before dwindling away, only to be repeated in a panic next year. There’s another way, and it’s far more effective.

Mindset is everything. And that goes for your bikini body as well. The fact that you don’t really feel in shape after a long winter spent huddled in thick jumpers probably doesn’t have much to do with your actual body. It’s much more likely to be down to your own perception of yourself – that inner voice that tells you that your body’s not summer-ready. In actual fact, though, every body is perfectly ready for summer. Having days where you’re not entirely happy with everything is completely normal. If you have the right attitude to your body, you’ll find yourself looking forward to summer without any hangups. To get there, you need to treat yourself in a loving, mindful way. You’ll find it pays off – and not just this summer, but all year round.

Follow these last-minute mindset tips to boost your feel-good factor in the run-up to summer.

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#1 Stop comparing yourself to others

The problem with making comparisons is that there’s always someone else who seems to be doing better than you, especially on social media. But what you see there is just a carefully curated glimpse, not the reality. By constantly drawing comparisons, you lose sight of what’s important. Your life should be about you and what makes you happy. Instead of looking at what others have, focus on what you have and learn to appreciate your own bikini body.

#2 Eat mindfully, don’t go hungry

Starving yourself isn’t the answer. Instead of losing weight and keeping it off, crash dieting messes with your metabolism and triggers major cravings. That means you end up putting the weight you’ve lost back on again in no time. A better choice is to eat in a more conscious way. Opt for foods that do your body good and supply it with lots of nutrients to make you glow from within. While you’re at it, don’t ban foods outright; simply adopt a more mindful approach to eating. Our Shape Shake 2.0* makes it easy to cut down on calories without going hungry.

Treat yourself with these delicious recipes.

#3 Stay active

Of course, if you want to lose a few kilos for the sake of your own health, then go for it. As you know, exercise is an important part of losing weight. But it doesn’t always have to be sweaty, strenuous cardio or strength workouts, although a bit of training doesn’t go amiss when it comes to getting toned. Instead, it’s about being mindful of your body, focusing on how it feels and using exercise as a form of self-care. For a feel-good bikini body, that might mean long walks along the beach, a trip up into the mountains, or a dip in a nearby lake.

#4 Take time for yourself

Whatever you choose, it’s important to find something that you can do just for you. Self-care is a vital and powerful tool when it comes to showing your body some appreciation. After all, your body does everything for you, and it’s there for you all your life. It doesn’t care how your figure’s looking right this instant, so practice giving it some unconditional love back. Ask yourself what you need right now, what makes you happy – and then do precisely that.

And you can never go wrong with chocolate. If you choose this form of self-care, our Protein Brownies make the perfect healthier alternative to traditional treats.

#5 Trust your feelings, not the scales

What you see on the scales is just a number that won’t tell you anything about your personal well-being. It might look like your weight loss has stalled, but it can be greatly affected by factors like the time of day or your menstrual cycle, and it can fluctuate dramatically over the space of several days. In other words, it’s not a reliable source of information in your quest for a bikini body. It’s better to take the time to get to know your body as it really is. Your feelings can be a bit up and down too, of course, but if you get enough exercise, eat a balanced diet and look after yourself, then it’s fine to trust the way you feel.

#6 Compliment yourself

When we look in the mirror, our inner critic starts up a running commentary about the imperfections of our body. You can change this way of thinking about yourself. Here’s how: Take a careful look at yourself in the mirror and write down what you like. It might feel a bit strange, but it shouldn’t – giving yourself compliments is perfectly fine. In fact, it can have a healing effect. The more you compliment yourself, the sooner you’ll be loving your bikini body.

#7 Don’t stress

If there’s one thing that can really hamper your quest to get beach-ready fast, it’s stress. The more stressed you are, the faster your body will hold on to its energy reserves and the worse your mood will get. Before you know it, the joy of summer will have disappeared into thin air. Just breathe. Whether it’s your diet, exercise routine or appearance, stop stressing yourself out. It’s much better to enjoy the summer and allow yourself to feel good.

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