Caramel Apple Crumble for One

a quick, fruity dessert..just for you!

caramel apple crumble for one
goal Healthy Eating
Total time 15 mins
Schwierigkeit Easy
Nutritional value (per portion)
Kcal 310
Protein 10 g
Fat 11 g
KH 45 g
Ingredients …

1 Persons

Deine Einkaufsliste

2 eating apples
2 tbsp water
1 tsp Salted Caramel Protein Cream
Salted Caramel Protein Cream
Salted Caramel Protein Cream
Protein-packed, low sugar** and palm-oil free
5.99 €
200 g
(29.95 €/1 kg)

20 g oats
10 g flaked almonds
0.5 tsp Coconut oil
Coconut oil
Coconut oil
The best choice for cooking and general health
6.99 €
320g jar
(21.84 €/1000g)
1 tsp maple syrup
2 tbsp 0% fat Greek yogurt, to serve

Caramel Apple Crumble for One

a quick, fruity dessert..just for you!

By: Izy Hossack
Making toasting oats with coconut oil & maple syrup in a frying pan is a great hack to make a quick crispy, oaty topping for this caramel apple crumble for one, without turning the oven on! I like adding a spoonful of the salted caramel protein cream to the gently stewed apples for a sweet caramelised flavour. This is a super quick dessert for when you’re craving something warm and cosy.


  • Cut the apples into quarters and remove the cores. Slice each quarter into bite-sized pieces. Place the slices apples into a pot with the wate and cover with a lid. Place over a medium-low heat on the stove and leave to cook for 7-10 minutes, until the apple slices are soft but not mushy.
  • Remove the pot from the heat, drain away the excess water, then stir in the protein cream .
  • For the topping, place the oats and almonds into a frying pan over a high heat on the stove. Toast the oats and almonds, stirring often, until it smells nutty and the almonds are beginning to turn light brown. Turn the heat to low and make a hole in the centre - add the coconut oil and maple syrup to the hole and allow to melt. Stir into the oats/almonds until everything is fully coated. Remove from the heat and set aside to cool (it will crisp up as it cools).
  • Spoon the warm apples into a bowl. Top with the toasted oats and yogurt and eat warm.
  • Enjoy!
If you prefer, you can try other spreads like peanut butter or hazelnut protein cream for a different flavour.
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