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7 Smart Tips to Start Your Fitness Journey, From Fitness Pros

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Spring is finally here and with it comes new athletic goals. You’ve packed your gym bag is packed and prepped your Whey Protein Shake* – but you’re still looking for some motivation? Or maybe you’re highly motivated, but don’t know exactly where and how to start? Every beginning is hard, we know that. To give you the best fitness tips and an extra dose of motivation, we asked those who really need to know. 7 fitness influencers share their best tips and tricks to get you started on your fitness journey. Plus, you’ll find out what keeps them going and keeps them motivated to reach their goals!

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#1 Belle Hutt

The fitness influencer and personal trainer gives valuable tips about workouts and a healthy lifestyle on her Instagram account. She advises beginners:

“Take it slow, but slow doesn’t mean working out once a week. Slow means consistent. 20 minutes a day is super, and that includes warming up or going for a walk.  My motto is: just get started! The best thing to do is just move, and don’t overcomplicate it, just move your body in a more dynamic way.”

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#2 Beth Leyton

The functional fitness athlete emphasizes that she also began her journey with no previous athletic experience. It wasn’t always easy, but if you look at her Instagram account you’ll see — it was worth it. You can do it too, what’s stopping you?

“Anybody can do it. I had no athletic background when I started, but if you put the work in and stick to it, you’ll be able to do it. You just have to be ready to try something new every day and give it your all. During my workouts, I just try to focus on exactly what I’m doing and let everything else fade away.”

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#3 Gina Obeng

As an online coach and personal trainer, Gina Obeng also knows the hurdles that beginners have to overcome. On her Instagram account you’ll not only find fitness content, but also a lot of good humor.

“Take each day as it comes and don’t overwhelm yourself. You need to have a plan and clear goals, and you’ll be on your way to success. Stay focused and don’t forget to enjoy the moment. Trust the process!

#4 Gus Vaz Tostes

The Functional Fitness Pro reveals not one, but his top three fitness tips to get you started. Follow Gus on Instagram for more.

Top 3 tips for beginners:

  • Take it slow and really have fun on your fitness journey, that’s what it’s all about!
  • Trust the process and let it guide you.
  • Most important: listen to your body. It will tell you when you’ve overdone it and when you need a break. You can also trust it to tell you when you’ve got more to give. Give it a shot, without expectations or fear, and go with your gut.”

#5 Jenny Tong

This professional weightlifter gives you some very personal advice. Namely, she gives the advice she would give to her younger self. You can find more fitness tips and motivation on her account.

“The biggest piece of advice I would give to my younger self is to be fearless, to look fear straight in the eyes, and walk straight up to it. You’re capable, smart, and brave, and you can do anything you set your mind to.”

#6 Tayla Howe

Are you intimidated by the strength area at the gym? You’re not alone, even this Functional Fitness athlete felt that way before her first workout session! She tells you how to deal with it and shares her fitness journey with you on Instagram.

“Everyone has to start somewhere. I remember when I came to the gym for my first strength training session and it was pretty intimidating. It took me a while to start feeling confident about working out, but I think you should just have fun with it. We all start out and even if it seems scary at first, remember why you’re doing it. You learn so much about yourself when you work out. It’s all about you and the barbell – and you notice yourself getting better every time. That feeling is awesome!”

#7 Will Kane

No matter what fitness level you are, making sure you’re prepared for your workout, or even for competitions, is important. Fitness influencer and athlete Will Kane tells you how he prepares today and what he neglected in the past. Find out more on his Instagram account.

“I took part in many competitions, maybe even too many. I traveled a lot for that and would sometimes compete every weekend of the month. That really changed the way I prepared. I used to spontaneously sign up for a competition when I felt fit and strong, even if I wasn’t ready. Today, I know exactly what I’m doing. I pay attention to my pulse, my hormone balance, my muscles. But I also make sure I get enough rest and days when I consciously take a break to recharge both physically and mentally. It’s also important for me to eat enough carbohydrates to power through and really have enough energy for the competition.”


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