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5 healthy and delicious Easter recipes for the long weekend

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Easter weekend is coming up. What’s on our to-do list? Try and connect with our families (whether in-person or remote) and, of course, some delicious food! Whether or not you celebrate this Christian holiday, why not make the most of the days off work and make something you might not have tried otherwise? And all that without breaking your nutrition goals? Abso-hopping-lutely. 

5 deliciously healthy Easter recipes

      1. Hot Cross Buns
      2. Chocolate Coconut Easter Eggs
      3. Vegan Zucchini Pancakes
      4. Carrot Cake Energy Balls
      5. Shakshuka (Savory Eggs in Tomato Sauce)

Hot Cross Buns

A light-skinned hand reaches for hot cross buns on a white-planked table

Nothing says Easter weekend more than hot cross buns. Let these be the highlight of your Easter table! We’ve cut out almost all of the sugar and added a dose of protein to make these the healthiest Easter treats you’ll ever meet. Serve with butter, cream cheese, or eat them plain.

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Chocolate Coconut Easter Eggs

a plate of coconut-filled chocolate-coated Easter eggs on a white plate with raspberries scattered around the eggs

If you’ve got an Easter basket to fill, whip up these homemade treats for an extra surprise! The irresistible combo of chocolate and coconut will melt anyone’s heart.

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Vegan Zucchini Pancakes

A plate of vegan zucchini pancakes topped with fresh green herbs. A quarter lemon and a bowl of cream-colored dip sit on the side.

We love pancakes. But this time, we’re changing things up – try them savory, instead of sweet! These wonders showcase some delicious zucchini and dill. Enjoy with a dollop of horseradish spread, if you’re feeling brave!

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Carrot Cake Energy Balls

A plate of coconut-covered Carrot Cake Energy Balls, with one split in half showing its bright orange inside

Speaking of the Easter Bunny, why not set him out a bit of a nibble for all his hard work (or for anyone who works hard in your home)! Roll up some deliciously un-sinful bites with the delectable flavor of a moist carrot cake.

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Savoury eggs in tomato sauce

For some of us, nothing is more symbolic of spring than eggs and fresh green herbs. Serve this Middle Eastern delicacy with bread or with matzo, depending which week you cook it.

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