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A breakfast bowl to give you the best start to your day

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We all want to start our day full of energy. But it always seems like time passes faster in the mornings than it does during the rest of the day! Let us show you how our new breakfast bowl can pep up your morning routine, while saving you time and energy at the same time!

What’s so special about our Breakfast Bowl?

If you feel groggy or bored after your breakfast, you might want to put more thought into what you’re eating. A slice of toast with chocolate spread while you’re on the way to your office sounds lovely, but gives your body nothing more than simple carbs from highly processed sources.

Complex carbs, proteins, fiber, vitamins, and healthy fats that make the optimal basis for a healthy breakfast? Nowhere to be found.

Do you want to start your day with zero stress and full of energy? foodspring’s Breakfast Bowl isn’t only quick and easy to make; it also steers clear of sweeteners. The natural sweetness of the fruits we use provide the exciting flavor!

Try our Breakfast Bowl

Read on to find out what else our color-packed breakfast bowls have to offer!

Organic ingredients

foodspring’s Breakfast Bowl carries the EU organic seal, which guarantees that we use high-quality ingredients. You’ve surely seen the green flag with white stars forming the outline of a leaf at the grocery store before. This seal guarantees the use of ingredients from organic farming, ensures that no GMOs are used, and other benefits, too. This seal also makes it easier to trace the food’s origins, making it more transparent for you.

High in fiber

100 grams of Breakfast Bowl give you a full 10–12 grams of fiber. You’re guaranteed a high-fiber start to your day!

What do we mean when we talk about fiber? Fibers are components of foods that are hard or impossible for our bodies to digest. These are a part of a balanceed diet. The German Nutritional Society recommends that you consume at least 30 grams of fiber every day.

Did you know that a food can only be called high-fiber when at least 6 of every 100 grams are made up of fiber? This is regulated by one of the EU’s food labeling laws.


Acai, turmeric, and spirulina – each of our Breakfast Bowls has something super inside! These superfoods help give your day the kickstart it needs. And more than that, each of them delivers its own bright and cheery color to your spoon. Bye-bye, beige oatmeal!

Quick to make

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a nutrient-packed breakfast, without spending ages in the kitchen? We’ve done all the work for you. We choose and prepare our ingredients as carefully as possible. The only thing you need to do with our Breakfast Bowl is add water and stir. Then kick back, relax, and let the power of our new, creamy Breakfast Bowl sweep you away. It’s the quickest breakfast of all time.


If you’re looking to bring more vegan nutrition into your everyday life, here’s a great place to jump in. Start your day on full plant power! These beauties are 100% plant-based, making them vegan and a plant-based source of protein.

3 enchanting flavors

foodspring’s Breakfast Bowl comes in 3 eye-catching flavors. There’s something for everyone. Get to know each of them with us!

Mango Turmeric

Turmeric is part of the ginger family. Although this little wonder looks very much like ginger from the outside, on the inside it’s a bright golden orange. This spicy root is what gives curry its unique flavor and color, and starting now, it does the same for our breakfast bowl. And the flavor finds its perfect match with the natural sweetness of mango.

Get yourself some Mango Turmeric Breakfast Bowl Mango

Raspberry açaí

The açaí berry is a dark-blue fruit which originated in Central and South America. The açaí berry looks similar to a blueberry. When its powers combine with raspberry redness, it creates a beautiful pink breakfast bowl that no one can say no to. It’s time to upgrade your morning routine: this bowl is packed with helpful ingredients like whole-grain oats, quinoa, naturally sweetened fruits, and a touch of spice from ginger!

Give açaí a try with this Breakfast Bowl

Spirulina Coconut

Spirulina is also known as blue algae. It’s great because it adds an intense blue color to anything it’s mixed with. You won’t believe your eyes! Dive into our ocean-blue bowl of wonder, or soar through the bluest skies! All without setting foot outside your kitchen.

Take off with our Spirulina Coconut Breakfast Bowl

Our Favorite Recipes

Ocean Breakfast Bowl Recipe

Lying in the hammock, feeling the sun shine on your belly, and gazing out at the sea. That’s living the dream! But if you can’t get yourself to the ocean quite yet, we have a way to bring the ocean to you. Our spirulina breakfast bowl brings the ocean vibes straight to your house. The blue spirulina powder turns your morning bowl a vibrant blue. Combined with fruity coconut and sweet blueberries and blackberries, you’ll dive straight into the feeling of the ocean, even if you can’t make it to the water’s edge.

Coconut Mango Overnight Oats Recipe

It’s never been easier to add a pop of color to your morning! Our overnight oats get their golden hue from the turmeric and mango we put in. This doesn’t only look sweet – it also tastes fabulous. We added a bit of coconut to it and made you a perfect summer treat. Start your morning with a creamy breakfast that gives you the power you need for your day.

Raspberry Acai Breakfast Bowl Recipe

Smoothie bowl, chia pudding, porridge – there are so many amazing ways to start your day. But which one should you choose? We just made your life easier by combining our favorite parts of each into a fruity breakfast bowl. Raspberry-chia jam meets fresh lemon yogurt. The fruity base for our bowl? Our very own Raspberry-Acai Breakfast Bowl. Hello, summer – I’m ready for my close-up!

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