Undine is currently studying fitness, health, and wellness to become a certified trainer. She writes articles about food and fitness as well as healthy living. She’s always on the lookout for a good story or a “food fact” to share. Her motto: Down with preconceived notions and fake news about fitness from the internet! Undine is committed to providing you with factual articles based on scientific research, and proving that it is possible to take care of yourself while also having fun.

In fact, after having spent more than 3 and half years working as a trainer, she’s become well aware of the problems people face when they attempt to reach a nutrition- or fitness-related goal.

“No one wants to eat salad all their life just to feel good about themselves! Because of bad information, you may never reach your fitness goal. In fact, I tried a lot of different diets myself before I eventually realized that the basis of an effective diet was simply eating in a balanced way.”

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