When she’s not on the hunt for new food trends, Leyla is researching the relationship between our bodies and nutrition. Her final dissertation in college was all about the self-regulation of nutrition-related health goals.

“For me, nutrition is a subject that concerns everyone. It’s the key to feeling good, to achieving your goals, to being healthy, and much more. My motto? Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are.”

While studying for her Master’s degree in ecotrophology, she discovered an interest in culture and nutritional communication. She specialized on the evolution of nutritional culture over time and how the market reacts to it.

Leyla is above all a bon vivant and describes herself as a true foodie. Her favorite meal? Breakfast, of course! She is always on the lookout for the perfect coffee for breakfast, whether she’s in Berlin or anywhere else in the world. When she’s not eating, Leyla spends all her time running. It’s her passion! She never goes out without her running shoes. Her next goal is the Berlin Marathon.

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