Julia-Sarah Hennig Julia studied copywriting, and is also a qualified fitness trainer and a certified nutrition coach.

She writes articles about fitness, sports nutrition and body & mind. In her articles she gives tips for eating as it relates to working out, how to make fitness into a routine, how to find the perfect balance between regeneration and training, and why it’s important to keep a laid-back mindset about the whole thing.

“A healthy lifestyle should be fun. Calorie trackers and workout plans are helpful, but they are no fun in the long run. It is about developing body awareness, understanding habits and finding a good balance between keeping disciplined and keeping relaxed.”

Her favorite subject during her studies was vegetarian and vegan sports nutrition.

Julia firmly believes that a healthy and balanced (sports) diet can also be vegetarian or vegan. Her goal is to provide information about alternative sources of protein and food composition, and to adapt each diet to the individual person’s needs. Because it is easy to eat healthy and sustainable food when you understand why you’re doing it.

As a long-time long-distance runner, Julia knows all about endurance and balance training. When she studied to become a fitness trainer, her focus was on endurance training, functional training and stress management. Today she continues to train regularly, attends seminars, and reads the latest studies and publications.

She has been passing on her knowledge for over 10 years in group courses, personal training, in articles, and at events. In her free time Julia does yoga every day, meditates and spends time with friends – preferably doing sports or eating good vegan food.

Julia’s favorite product from foodspring:

“But I take the Omega-3 capsules regularly as a supplement. If you need a snack on the road, the Vegan Protein Bar is great.”

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