Carina writes articles for the lifestyle and nutrition sections of our magazine. With a degree in media management, her first job was in the fashion industry, where she worked as an editor at a showroom in Milan. She soon discovered that writing was actually her biggest passion and decided to do it for a living. Since then, she’s begun producing articles for foodspring while continuing to freelance for major brands like Vogue, GQ, Nike, and Adidas.

Her favorite themes: lifestyle, nutrition, fashion, society, and unusual personalities.

What makes her happy and keeps her in shape? Her little Chihuahua Sissi. As for food, Carina loves burrito bowls and pomegranates.

Carina’s favourite foodspring product:

“I love foodspring’s protein balls. It’s one of my favourite healthy snacks, and it’s perfect when I’m on the road.”

Posts by Carina Parke: